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Young researchers’ careers and working conditions are currently under discussion. We want to learn more about the experiences of young researchers in Norway. Participate now!

In this survey, we would like to ask you about your experience as a young researcher in Norway, for example, how you see your career opportunities and challenges, your relationship with research quality and open research, and internationalization and diversity in academia.

Target group

Young researchers employed in Norway, under the age of 45.

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The survey takes about 20 minutes to answer. Your participation will be important for gathering the knowledgebase that we want to use to try to improve the situation for younger researchers in Norway.

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More about the survey

This is a survey conducted by the Young Academy of Norway (AYF), with the target group being young researchers employed in Norway, under the age of 45. 

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What will be done with your information?

All personal information is treated confidentially. The data are processed internally by AYF as well as by our data processor, Telemark Research Institute, and the processing will comply with new privacy legislation valid from 1 July 2018.

The results of the survey will be published under the auspices of AYF. Individuals will not be identifiable in publications of the results collected. The survey will be conducted in August and September 2018 and collected data will be stored anonymized.

Voluntary participation

Participation in the survey is voluntary. By submitting the form, you consent to participate in the survey. The study has been registered with the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD). NSD can be contacted at or by telephone at (+47) 55 58 21 17.

All personal information will be treated confidentially and only members of the AYF project group and our data processor, Telemark Research Institute, will have access to it. When all the data have been collected only anonymized data can be shared with other members of AYF.

Consent to participation in the study

By answering the survey, you give your active consent to participation in the study.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact us

Kathrine Røe Redalen
AYF’s project manager

Hanna Nyborg Storm
Project manager at the data processor Telemark Research Institute