AYF 2021 Gruppebilde

Apply for member of The Young Academy of Norway!

The Young Academy of Norway (AYF), established in 2015, is a diverse, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral meeting place and a research policy platform for younger researchers. It is also a driving force for innovative research dissemination, an attractive arena for scientific debate and a significant and visible participant in research policy issues.

The Academy currently has 40 members. This October, 8 members will be stepping down. For this year’s admission, we hope to gain as many as 10 new members, so that the Academy will consist of 40 younger researchers working in Norway.

 Who are we looking for?

We are seeking younger researchers who can demonstrate a significant and independent or artistic body of work, and who have distinguished themselves actively and professionally within their own disciplines. You must have the interest in, and the opportunity for, active participation in Academy activities.

In addition to the 40 ordinary members, up to 10 (ten) international researchers may be included in AYF. The criteria is that the researcher works abroad (to Norway) but is affiliated with a Norwegian research institution. See our statutes § 2.2 (pdf).

Regarding language:

The working language of AYF is Norwegian, as per our statutes. Applicants should be able to understand spoken and written Norwegian.

We offer:

  • A unique opportunity for development, in an inclusive, active, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral network, which also cooperates with a larger international network for younger researchers
  • Four annual gatherings with people from all over the country
  • The opportunity to actively shape one of Norway’s most leading organisations for younger researchers
  • The opportunity to have direct dialogue with prominent persons in Norwegian academia and research policy

About the application process

Applicants to the Academy may not be over the age of 40 (*) in the year of admission. (Parental leave and lengthy sick leave absence allow for an age deduction, if relevant documentation is provided.) Membership is for four years and is granted based on an application, followed by an interview conducted in August. Once the membership term ends, the member becomes part of our alumni association.

Membership and admission to the Academy is regulated by Section 3 of our Articles of association.

The working language in the Academy is Norwegian.

How to apply:

E-mail your application and CV to bjorn.danbolt@yngreforskere.no. In the subject line of the e-mail, write “Søknad AYF + your name“.

The Application should be no more than one (1) page long and contain a brief description of your own research, why you wish to become a member of AYF and how you can contribute.

Your CV must include your date of birth and information of any periods of leave.

Application deadline: 19 June by 23:59 (Norway time, GMT + 1,) 

Contact person:

Bjørn Kristian Danbolt
Secretary General
bjorn.danbolt@yngreforskere.no / tel. 92 29 02 63

Would you like additional good reasons for applying for membership with the Young Academy of Norway? In this online article (in Norwegian), read what key individuals in the research world have said about applying for membership with the Academy. 


*: previously this text said age 38 – that is incorrect. Age 40 is the correct limit.