As a result of the government’s proposal for Norway’s National Budget 2021, CAS changed this announcement in October 2020. The deadline is therefore postponed to December 15, 2020. In line with our new strategy, CAS is now selecting four Young CAS Fellows. Read more below. 

The Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) is now accepting applications for the Young CAS Fellow programme 2021-23. Apply by December 15.

The Young CAS Fellow programme was first held in 2019/20, and is created in partnership with the Young Academy of Norway. The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters supports the programme.

This research funding opportunity is supposed to help the researcher grow their professional networks and create a foundation for collaboration at a critical point during their careers. The programme extends CAS’ reach to researchers not eligible to apply to lead a CAS project.

Network building and research development

Beginning in 2021, CAS will extend the Young CAS Fellow programme to a two-year fellowship. As a Young CAS Fellow, you receive a grant of up to NOK 750,000 NOK (NOK 250,000 in the first year and NOK 500,000 in the second year).

During the first year, the candidate will arrange three intensive workshops (read more below).

During the second year, the candidate will gather a group from her/his network, resembling the ordinary CAS concept. The group will sit together and work on the candidate’s project for a period of two months.

A successful Young CAS Fellow application describes research that is curiosity-driven, challenges established truths, and has the potential to extend the frontiers of knowledge in the relevant field. It is not possible to conduct lab work at CAS.

Four Young CAS Fellows in 2021-23

Year 1:

A Young CAS Fellow project will receive funding up to NOK 250,000 for the first year. The grant intends to fund the development of research, network building, and three gatherings during the 2021/22 academic year.

The first gathering lasts for four to five days, and will be in August 2021 at CAS’ premises in the historic building of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. Offices and seminar rooms will be available for the Young CAS Fellows. The project leaders will also receive some administrative and technical assistance.

The second gathering should preferably be hosted at the fellow’s home institution (or an alternative location) at a time of the fellow’s choosing, and lasts for three to five days.

For the third and final gathering, in late spring 2022, the fellows will return to CAS and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA). DNVA supports the projects by renting out their conference room and by financing the refreshments.

The Young Academy of Norway will contribute to the discussions, and provide advice on communication and strategy for further development of the research.

Year 2:

In the second year, the Young CAS Fellow will work on her/his project together with a core group. The young scholar invites members to the group, preferably individuals who have participated in one or more gatherings over the previous year. Similar to the ordinary CAS concept, the group sits together. A Young CAS Fellow project yields an opportunity for specialization and continuity. A Young CAS Fellow should be present to lead her/his group for the whole two-month period. The group should consist of four to five participants (including the project leader) at all time during the whole period. Their stay should be at least four weeks in total (they may stay twice for two weeks).

A Young CAS Fellow is granted up to NOK 500,000 the second year, which should cover travel and accommodation expenses, daily lunches, conferences and any buyouts.


Who can apply?

Applicants must have completed a Ph.D. and be employed in a researcher position below the rank of full professor at one of CAS’ partner institutions in Norway from the fall of 2021 to the spring of 2023. A researcher position is an academic position that entails research and/or tutoring on university and college level. The applicant does not have to be in a permanent position, or hired at the same institution for the whole period, as long as they are affiliated with one of our partner institutions during their time as a Young CAS Fellow.

Project leadership experience is preferred. Applicants must be below the age of 40 (not counting valid medical or personal leave).

How to apply

The application must include:

  • a description (3-4 pages) of the research, including plans for the three gatherings. The proposal should clearly explain how the three gatherings in year one, as well as the research stay in year two, will benefit the applicant’s professional development and research.
  • a preliminary list of 3-5 participants. Additional participants may be added at a later date
  • a draft budget. The grant is supposed to cover travel, accommodation, food expenses, as well as any buyouts in year two.
  • a brief ethical self-assessment (no more than half a page) certifying that the applicant is familiar with the ethical guidelines in his or her field.
  • a full CV, including publications (1-2 pages)
  • a letter of support from the Head of your section for the period 2021-23. You can still apply if you do not know where you will be affiliated in year two. However, the grant for year two requires the candidate to be affiliated with one of our partner institutions, and to provide a letter of support from the Section Head.
  • If the research requires pre-approval from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, the Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics, or a similar body, this must be secured by August 2021.

To apply, please send an email titled «Young CAS Fellow application» to Karoline Kvellestad Isaksen at

Deadline: December 15, 2020

The selection process

A selection committee made up of representatives from CAS, the CAS Board of Directors, and the Young Academy of Norway presents a short list to the CAS Board of Directors, who will ultimately select the four Young CAS Fellows in February 2021.

The quality of the research, the applicant’s merits and experiences will be evaluated.

This extended Young CAS Fellow programme is contingent upon the funding proposed in Norway’s National Budget being accepted by the Parliament.

If you have any questions about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact adviser Karoline Kvellestad Isaksen.