YASAS Bilde 2024

Greetings from the ENYA-meeting in Berlin  

Inspiring meetings and lectures in Berlin 

The Young Academy of Norway participated at the European Network for Young Academies (ENYA) meeting in Berlin at the 21-23st of  May. The ENYA-meeting is an annual meeting where all the young academies from across Europe meet to discuss important topics. This years meeting was co-organized by the German Young Academy – Die Junge Akademie and the Global Young Academy, and continued discussions from the 2023 meeting, including best practices and areas of joint interest.  

Presentation of best practice 

AYF were honored to be invited to present one of our most exiting ventures of the year at the ENYA-meeting on the 22nd of May. At this session six young academies were invited to give short presentations. This session was used to present recently finished projects, focusing on process, achievements, lessons learned, and obstacles encountered from each Academy.   

The other Young Academies that presented during this session brought us inspiration from a range of projects related to the cooperation between science and art, science policy and diplomacy, academic freedom, career development and projects initiated due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The perspectives, assessments and solutions are all recognizable in the Norwegian context, providing inspiration and input to our own future work.  

For this session, AYF presented the re-establishment of Konkurransen unge forskere (Young scientists competition Norway). The presentation was made by AYF-leader Feroz M. Shah and project coordinator Birger Berge. The presentation itself underlined the ambitions AYF has for the development of the contest, as well as making an account for why AYF chose to take on this big task. We are very happy that the presentation was met with great interest from the other academies. We also received reflections and questions about the contest that may be useful for us later on.  

SAPEA workshop.jpeg
SAPEA-workshop during the ENYA-meeting. CC: YASAS

The program as a whole 

The rest of the program was filled with exiting workshops, conversations and talks. On May 23, SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) hosted two workshops to enhance policy advice interactions among European academies. The morning session, led by ALLEA, focused on cooperation in scientific advice, while the afternoon session, led by YASAS, aimed at achieving diversity and inclusiveness in scientific advice, particularly involving early- and mid-career researchers. 

We are very happy indeed to have been able to share a few days with the other Young Academies in Berlin. We look forward to the next meeting with new opportunities to exchange knowledge, practices and ideas.  

Workshop during the ENYA-meeting. CC: YASAS
Participants at the YASAS/ENYA-meeting. participants from The Young Academy of Norway where Feroz M.Shah (nr. 2 to the right front row) and Birger Berge (nr 2. to the right back row). CC: YASAS

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