AYFs medlemmer okt. 2022. Foto: David Jensen/AYF

F.A.Qs about membership in the Young Academy of Norway

Are you considering applying for membership in the Young Academy of Norway? Here we have answers to some frequently asked questions:.

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  1. What is the Young Academy of Norway?  

The Young Academy of Norway (Akademiet for yngre forskere in Norwegian), established in 2015, is a diverse, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral meeting place and a research policy platform for younger researchers. It is also a driving force for innovative research dissemination, an attractive arena for scientific debate and a significant and visible participant in research policy issues. We have a membership that represents different academic disciplines, institutions, and geographic areas in Norway. The Academy currently has 41 members. 

Read more about AYF and our goals and ambitions in our Strategy and annual program.  

2. How do you become a member and for how long does a membership last?  

Every May the call for applications is announced on our webpage and social media platforms (X and Facebook). The Call for Applications is open until June (exact dates are seen in the call for applications).  

In AYF you apply on your own behalf, and you are not dependent on a recommendation or nomination. A selection committee consisting of four AYF-members and two external members review all the received applications. Normally around 20 persons are selected to be interviewed, which takes place in Oslo during the end of August or early September.

Based on the application, CV and interview the selection committee nominates around 10 candidates to the AYF Board, with a focus on electing new members who represent academic disciplines, institutions, and regions that are underrepresented in the Academy at the time. In the middle of September the AYF Board selects which candidates will be offered membership. The Board offers the selected candidates membership, and if they accept they will be inducted into the academy as a member at our autumn gathering.  

3. Should I apply again if I have applied before? 

Yes! Each year we receive many excellent candidates, and in addition to what each candidate can contribute to AYF we also consider which academic areas, institutions, and geographical areas are already represented among our members, and which are lacking. If you were not offered membership in the past, it may be due to overlap with existing member profiles at that time. Each year the composition of members is different, and your profile might be a good fit for what we are looking for.   

4. I speak Norwegian as a second language. How good do I have to be in Norwegian to participate? 

The research environment in Norway is international, and so is AYF. There are multiple members of AYF who speak Norwegian as a second language (currently 17%; this amount has been slightly higher in the past). It is not necessary to speak Norwegian at an advanced level to be a member, but it is necessary to have good comprehension (listening and reading abilities) in order to participate in AYF meetings and projects. AYF engages regularly with research policy issues that require the ability to read policy documents in Norwegian, and members contribute to developing responses to policy proposals, reports, and commentary articles on a regular basis. The ability to understand documents and discussions related to research policy is thus important. Members are welcome to speak English to express themselves if they prefer. For several members who speak Norwegian as a second language, AYF has been a welcoming forum for using and improving Norwegian skills.  

5. What is the time commitment for members? 

There are 4 gatherings each year, 2 in Oslo (1 day each) and 2 in other parts of Norway (2 days each). Members receive the dates well in advance and are expected to participate. Additional activities that members may choose to participate in on and on-going basis include developing responses to policy proposals, co-authoring media pieces on current issues impacting young researchers, writing for the ‘Weekly Question’ column in Morgenbladet, assisting in the organization of Young Researcher’s Night and/ or proposing other activities related to research policy, dissemination, and conditions for young researchers in Norway. In the past members have initiated and led new projects including developing videos and a podcast for young researchers. AYF is what its members make it; we know that all young researchers are busy with multiple priorities to juggle, however we hope that all members will contribute actively during their membership period. 

6. I work outside of the University sector, is AYF for me? 

Yes! We aim to include researchers across sectors, including universities, university colleges, research institutes, art/ music/ theater conservatories, and other contexts in which research is conducted. We welcome the perspectives of young researcher across sectors.  

Still have questions?  

Check out the Norwegian edition of the FAQs or send an email to bjorn.danbolt@yngreforskere.no and we will try to answer your question  

From our autumn gathering in Trondheim, oct. 2022. Photo: Sebastian Jacobsen/AYF