Nordic Baltic meeting bilde DUA

Greetings from the Nordic Baltic Meeting in Copenhagen 

A large delegation from the Young Academy of Norway attended the Nordic Baltic Meeting, over two exciting days in Copenhagen – strengthening the bonds between our young academies.  

Only seven months after we hosted the Nordic Baltic Meeting in Oslo, in September, we had the pleasure of visiting our Danish friends who hosted this year’s meeting in the grand locations of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Eight people from our own academy participated at the meeting. As well did members from the Young Academies in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, over the two days the meeting lasted from April 2nd to 3rd. 

The delegation from AYF: From the left: Aase Kristine Lundberg, Aida Cuni Sanchez, Guro Nore Fløgstad, Birger Berge, Feroz M. Shah, Haley De Korne, Bjørn Kristian Danbolt and Siddharth Sareen. Photo: AYF

Planetary boundaries in the spotlight  

This year’s keynote speaker was Professor Katherine Richardson at The University of Copenhagen. She delivered an enlightening presentation of her work on the planetary boundaries concept. This was further discussed in a panel, where our member Siddharth Sareen participated and commented Richardson´s presentation.  

Panel discussion. Sareen in the middle, Richardson to the right. Photo: Bjørn K. Danbolt/AYF

Working groups   

The meeting was organized, by the Young Academy of Denmark, in several working groups where we started drafting statements regarding Academia’s role and responsibilities in meeting and solving the challenges regarding transgressions in planetary boundaries.  

An important arena for exchanging thoughts and best practices  

The Nordic Baltic Meeting, since its inception in 2016, has served as an important arena in exchanging ideas and best practices. Since 2022 the meeting has been held annually, which has strengthened the bonds between our academies and as a platform for finding common ground and joint statements about research policies.  In addition, it is an important arena to coordinate our participation at other international meetings within Europe and globally.  

Read our joint statement from July 2023 expressing our concern about the current state of Nordic research politics  

Estonia next 

We thank the Young Academy of Denmark – Det Unge Akademi for hosting us, and we look forward to the next meeting, scheduled to be held in Tallinn, Estonia next year.  

Participants at the Nordic Baltic Meeting in Copenhagen. Photo: Birgit Olsen, The Young Academy of Denmark